New Episode, New Format

Hello all. This week we are trying something new. Normally each episode would be about 2 hours and have two segments. Instead of doing this each week we will release the section where we talk about our week as a separate episode from our main topic. Only the main topics will get episode numbers, while the weekly roundup shows will be dated.

This allows us to do a few things.

1- It lets me release content on a more rapid schedule. Editing almost 3 hours of audio each week takes a while. Releasing the first segment as its own episode gives me more time to ensure the main topics are properly produced while still giving you guys content to listen to.

2-It allows those who ONLY want to listen to the main topics decide if they want to do so. This was a piece of feedback I received often, so I'm curious to see how it goes.

Without further ado, here's the crew's chat for the week of 7-6-18

Our next main topic episode will be a club episode for the movie Pain and Gain

Highlights from the discussion

-Andrew defends fidget spinners

-James Workshops some interesting names for our new format

-Obligatory GOATSE reference

-James shares some lovely airport stories

-James branches out into traditional Japanese Kyoto Archery

-We discuss the Ghosts of Tsushima E3 flute performance (

-Mike complains about the postmodern literature class he took as an undergrad

-James Interrupts Andrew for 2 weeks running.

-Spoilers for Infinity War

-Mike takes issue with the female/female exclusive fights in superhero movies

-Andrew talks about *drumroll* Dark Souls remastered and darkest dungeon

-Andrew seems to be surprised by his own notes.

-James talks about the Florida Project

-Andrew talks a bit about how much he admired Anthony Bourdain despite his views on vegetarianism

-Mike talks Deadpool 2 (non-spoiler talks)

-Mike talks shit about Rob Liefeld

-Mike talks the Xbox 360 game Red Faction Armageddon

-Andrew baffles all of us with his talk of “Blue Computers”

-We talk briefly about the 30th anniversary of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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