A word about our break

Hello there constant listener, whomever you may be. I just wanted to take a moment to address the gaps in our release schedule.

Pictured: Me editing at 2 am

As the new year rang in, some changes and challenges came with it. Sadly, for the foreseeable future Off Target co-founder Erin Vecino will not be on the show. Schedules no longer line up in a way that makes his involvement possible. We will always strive to have him on whenever possible, but for the time being we will be a three man show.

As for the gap in our releases, it comes down to two things:

1) Real life events have conspired to keep us away from the studio. This ranges from the flu season kicking our asses to work life taking more of our time.

Those Meetings With Bob Have Been Rough!

2) Kicking around and experimenting with new things in our second year. I am hoping that we will be able to elaborate on this in the coming months.

As it stands we should be returning to our regular schedule of one show a week going forward.

Thank you everyone who has been with us this past year. This show is purely a passion project, we in no way make money, we do not run ads. The only ad share deal we have dabbled with is stitcher which has been less than successful so we will probably stop by the time April rolls around.

As such we continue to produce the show for you, the constant listener. We hope to have another great year of content for you!

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