Episode 27: Theme Parks

This Week the gang hangs out and talks about Theme Parks! While we do hit the big guns, we also spend a lot of time talking about local favorites. Main Topic Starts at 59 min

Highlights From The Show: -James Gets salty with the crew -we talk about a video that does not record -we sing the HOTTEST summer jams of the early 2000's -Andrew gets philosophical -Erin talks about MLB the Show -Mike Pitches a Money Ball game -The crew talks UFC and boxing -James and Andrew work out their relationship issues -James talks chronicles of teddy -We talk about Super Giant Games -Andrew talks sundered -We educate Erin on common video game terms -Adventures of SlugCat with Andrew -Mike Replays Wolfenstein: The New Order -Mike talks Final Fantasy -James is concerned for Mike Main Topic Starts at 59 min.

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