Episode 15: Most Disappointing Games

This week we have a video game centric episode where we discuss the games that have been the most disappointing.

Check back with us next week when we have a movie club episode for Chronicle (2012)

Highlights from the show: -Mass Effect Andromeda Talk (spoiler free)

-Andrew opens old wounds from the ranking of archers -Erin gets pervy about his laptop

-Online peer pressure and Ghost Recon Wildlands -James sounds like a car salesman explaining GR Wildlands' monetizaiton schemes -Mike is terrible at trolling

-Andrew on speed -Andrew training his dog to play Dark Souls -Some book talk with Inherent Vice -Andrew introduces the crew to drone metal band Sun ●))

-Mike talks comics with Punisher: Black and White and Planet Hulk

Main Topic And The Glorious Return Of Quiztron!

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