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Episode 45: Pain and Gain

This week we have another club episode where we do a deep dive into the 2013 Michael Bay movie Pain and Gain. We talk about the movie itself and how the true story it's based on impacts our enjoyment of the movie. As with all club episodes we are spoiling the entire movie so make sure you watch it before listening!

New Episode, New Format

Hello all. This week we are trying something new. Normally each episode would be about 2 hours and have two segments. Instead of doing this each week we will release the section where we talk about our week as a separate episode from our main topic. Only the main topics will get episode numbers, while the weekly roundup shows will be dated. This allows us to do a few things. 1- It lets me release content on a more rapid schedule. Editing almost 3 hours of audio each week takes a while. Releasing the first segment as its own episode gives me more time to ensure the main topics are properly produced while still giving you guys content to listen to. 2-It allows those who ONLY want to listen to

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