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Episode 44: Underrated Television Shows

This week Mike and the crew sit down to talk about shows they feel don't get enough love! Highlights From The First Half -James talks about the quiet place -We veer off into a discussion about Will and Jaden Smith -We analyze the career of Ryan Gosling -We speculate about Red Dead Redemption 2 -Andrew needs a Dark Souls intervention

Episode 43: Adaptations

This week the crew sits down to head into ultimate nerd argument territory: book adaptations. Main Topic Starts at 68 min Highlights from the first half: -We start with an important discussion about legally binding nature of finders keepers -Vocabulary talk: we dissect the word Aloof -We kick around the idea of episode title subtitles -We spend some time talking about other, more popular podcasts -James takes us to a Spy Party -Clearly other podcasts are stealing from us -Off Target Discusses Having An E3 Booth -Andrew surprisingly talks about Dark Souls -We talk the pitfalls of remasters replacing the original game -NERF TIME! -Some Hockey Talk -We argue over the legacy of Keanu

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