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Episode 39: Dallas Buyers Club

This week Mike and the crew sit down for a movie club. This month's movie is Dallas Buyers Club MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 62 MIN HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FIRST HALF -James is prepared with statements on Thor Ragnarok -Some Pony Island talk -James is a Space Pirate in Heat Signature -Mike hates writing on paper -We rank pens for a bit -Andrew unpacks what it means to be an elitist -Andrew gets pumped for the winter Olympics -Andrew gets called out for his Tekken 7 deficiencies -Two words: Ghost furries -Mike enjoys the narrative constructs in AHS Roanoke -Mike discusses his Alamo Drafthouse experinence while talking about Three Billboards -Extensive talk about the morality in Three Billboards -Mike str

A word about our break

Hello there constant listener, whomever you may be. I just wanted to take a moment to address the gaps in our release schedule. Pictured: Me editing at 2 am As the new year rang in, some changes and challenges came with it. Sadly, for the foreseeable future Off Target co-founder Erin Vecino will not be on the show. Schedules no longer line up in a way that makes his involvement possible. We will always strive to have him on whenever possible, but for the time being we will be a three man show. As for the gap in our releases, it comes down to two things: 1) Real life events have conspired to keep us away from the studio. This ranges from the flu season kicking our asses to work life taking mo

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