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Episode 38: What Would You Do Multiplicity Edition

This week we return with another edition of What Would You Do? This time we explore what it would be like to clone ourselves like Michael Keaton in 1996's Multiplicity MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 53 min Highlights From The First Half -James Talks Heavy Bullet -Mike Mixes up Jumping Flash and Jazz Jackrabbit -Obscure steam game train continues with Hunt: Showdown -We have to pause recording as smoke fills our garage from a car fire right outside our studio -We try to find more games for Andrew to play -Andrew says “LOL, Old Gamez Sux” -Andrew is not taken with The Cloverfield Paradox -We have a brief aside about Net Neutrality -Mike Loves Split Second, Zombi not so much -Mike Discusses Fift

Episode 37: Super Hero Movies As A Genre

This Week Mike sits down with Andrew and James To discuss the evolution of Superhero Movies as they become their own distinct genre Main Topic Starts at 67 min. -James Pitches Off Target Year One: Remastered edition -The podcast is improved greatly by some Italian red wine -James Talks About Dead Cells New Game++ mode -Escape From Tarkov Sounds Intriguing -Andrew has a new cat named Television -Shout out to the North Shore Animal League -Andrew Explains What The Kitten Bowl Is -Andrew Saw The Winter Classic -Andrew quickly runs through some of the seasons biggest movies -Mike Leads Some Switch Discussion -Mike Talks Visual Novels and The Nonary Games

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