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Mini Episode 07: Jason In Games

This Week: Mike sits down to discuss the spotty history of Jason Vorhees in video games by discussing his entries on the Commodore 64, The NES and his most recent release on PS4 and Xbox 1

Why Divinity: Original Sin is the best game I've ever hated playing

It's easy to to put a game down when it's faults are front and center. When a game is constantly glitching, or a mechanic is so broken that playing it is almost impossible. When the story isn't compelling, or the dialog is too campy. When a game is tangibly bad, it is easy to say "fuck this", put it away, and never look at it again. Yet, if a game is well made, has a decent story, and characters you can like; Well then, that makes it harder to put that game down and leave it be, no matter how much you want to. That was my dilemma while playing Divinity: Original Sin , an old school RPG from Larian Studios. D:OS is, objectively, a good game. As I searched for a good RPG, especially one that

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