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Episode 31: Ebooks and Online Shopping

​​​​ This week Mike, Erin, James and Andrew stumble into a main topic that we didn't plan on talking about! Some book talk leads us to dissect E-books and online shopping as a whole. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT ROUGHLY 30 min. Highlights from the opening: - We have a bit of a false start -We talk about The Tick and The Maxx -Erin talks books with "One Damn Thing After Another" -Erin, hilariously, does not realize the book takes place in England and spends 10 min confused as why the characters don't act more American -Tea Vs. Coffee -James talks about drawing -Andrew has a terrible fake NY accent -Andrew talks music with The Osees -Andrew tlaks books with "Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in

Episode 30: Dying In Games

​​​​ This week Mike, Erin, James and Andrew sit down to discuss our week in media and then lament over the absolute worst ways to die in a video game. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 41 min. Highlights from the opening: - Erin Continues his retro journey with Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin -We all discuss Old vs. Modern RPG design -Minor Saints Row 4 Spoilers -We Talk Wanted, both the terrible movie and the dark as hell comic -We argue about D and D rules -Andrew gets hostile -Andrew sheds some light on the Darkest Dungeon DLC -Andrew talks music with The Osees -Mike briefly runs down the new Friday the 13th updates -Mike discusses music from Maps and Atlases and we all discuss

Episode 29: Thumper (Game Club)

​​​ This week we sit down for another game club so that Mike can FINALLY play thumper after almost a year of urging from Andrew and James. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 63 min. Highlights from the opening: - James gives his final thoughts on Transistor -More Tekken 7 Talk -We argue about how much we collectively like Saints Row 4 -Triple H Gaming -Digital > Physical -Andrew talks about Michael Bluth's dark turn in Ozark -Sonic Mania: great if you like Sonic -Mike's hates Sonic and always has -Andrew and James laugh at thier own jokes -Andrew schools us on Darkest Dungeon DLC -Mike talks Final Fantasy 1 MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 63 min

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