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Episode 27: Theme Parks

This Week the gang hangs out and talks about Theme Parks! While we do hit the big guns, we also spend a lot of time talking about local favorites. Main Topic Starts at 59 min Highlights From The Show: -James Gets salty with the crew -we talk about a video that does not record -we sing the HOTTEST summer jams of the early 2000's -Andrew gets philosophical -Erin talks about MLB the Show -Mike Pitches a Money Ball game -The crew talks UFC and boxing -James and Andrew work out their relationship issues -James talks chronicles of teddy -We talk about Super Giant Games -Andrew talks sundered -We educate Erin on common video game terms -Adventures of SlugCat with Andrew -Mike Replay

Episode 26: Community

​​​​​​​ This week we return to Mike's garage (minus James and Andrew) to talk about the show Community. We basically geek out and ramble on for about an hour and a half about how much we love the show MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 30 min. Highlights from the opening: -More Manchester Orchestra talk -Mike tries to paint a word picture -We encourage bands to sell out -Erin talks about the small details in movies that drive us nuts -Mike is clearly insane and plans to play all of the Final Fantasy games ever made in order. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 30min

Episode 25: Morality In Games

This week we return to Mike's garage (minus Erin) after our union mandated week off to talk about Morality in video games. We touch on the topic of morality systems, what happens to our morality when we are given free reign and just how much Peter Molyneux likes to screw with us. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 49 min. Highlights from the opening: -Andrew and James ambush Mike with Nerf guns -We discuss Nerf guns for like 20 min -James has a grievous wound -We trade our scar stories and tales of deli slicers -Andrew talks about some Netflix stand-ups -We talk briefly about the Crash Trilogy DLC -Million Dollar Idea: Teach A Dog The Breast Stroke -Mike's back in the boxing ring and recording a b

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