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Episode 24: Police Academy Movie Club

​​​​​​​This week we have our monthly Movie Club episode where we talk about the classic comedy Police Academy, a movie that works surprisingly well as a cultural time capsule. For maximum enjoyment make sure you watch the movie before listening as we spoil absolutely everything in the movie! MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 33 min. Highlights from the show: -James Plays Killing Floor 2 and we discuss where it fits in the modern FPS landscape -James has Marble Madness....again -Erin Wants To Play D&D -James talks about how V.R. puzzler Static gave him an out of body experience -Andrew talks about Japanese heavy metal band Boris -Andrew Loves Apple Music -Andrew hates digital media...Mike loves it -Th

Episode 23: Time Travel

This week we return to Mike's garage to talk about why we love movies, games, T.V. and books that deal with time travel. We delve into some obscure time travel media for you to check out and have a surprisingly deep conversation about Adam Sandler's Click. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 59 min. Highlights from the show: -Erin talks about the latest Manchester Orchestra Videos -We discuss the place of music videos in the modern musical landscape -James has Marble Madness -We talk about game difficulty and V.R. -James thinks V.R. puzzler Static is a classic on the level of Portal -Erin asks 'What ever happened to demos?' -Some more Fight Stick Talk -Tekken may be nickle and diming us on DLC -We talk

Episode 22: Fight Scenes

This week we return to Mike's garage to talk about some of the best (and worst) fight scenes in movie history. MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 55:39 Highlights from the show: -Erin digs Pillars of Eternity -4 guys talk about strong female leads in film (Wonder Woman spoilers start at 6:14 and end around 19:24) -Salad Talk with James Diaz -We talk about Split -Silicon Valley is Amazing -Andrew Might Still Be In VR -Some Fight Stick Talk -Friday The 13th: Still Broken, Still Oddly Compelling -Mike Loves Fargo The Series MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 55:39

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