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Episode 21: T.V. Show Themes

This week we return with a full cast minus Erin as we talk about some of our favorite T.V. show theme songs. Which theme song sent Mike to the hospital as a child? What is the most iconic theme ever? Tune in to find out! MAIN TOPIC STARTS AT 35 MIN. Highlights from the show: -James and Andrew take a fairly deep dive into Tekken 7 (PS4) -Andrew shows that he spends his time well by getting the Platinum in Dark Souls 3 -Andrew talks mad shit about The Witcher -A brief Gwent Discussion -Mike talks abou the highs and lows of the extremely busted launch of Friday The 13th on Xbox one and PS4 Song Credits: Opening theme: Mike Amari Mash Theme "Suicide Is Painless" : Johnny Mandel Knight Ride

Episode 20: Kill List

This week the gang gets together for yet another movie club. This week we have a polarizing look at the 2011 thriller Kill List Main topic starts at 37 min. Highlights from the show: -Erin is apparently recording from the bottom of a tin can -We clap a hole in the space time continuum -Thoughts on the possible permenant shuttering of the Mass Effect franchise -James talks about some standup from Dave Chapelle and Tracy Morgan -James goes virtual camping -Andrew returns his 4K TV after Verizon breaks it -Fast 9: Toyota Avalon edition -Andrew unlocks high level "shit 'n' stuff" in the RE7 DLC -Mike chats up Punch Club -Mike Jumps into Rick and Morty Main Topic starts at 37 min.

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