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Episode 15: Most Disappointing Games

This week we have a video game centric episode where we discuss the games that have been the most disappointing. Check back with us next week when we have a movie club episode for Chronicle (2012) Highlights from the show: -Mass Effect Andromeda Talk (spoiler free) -Andrew opens old wounds from the ranking of archers -Erin gets pervy about his laptop -Online peer pressure and Ghost Recon Wildlands -James sounds like a car salesman explaining GR Wildlands' monetizaiton schemes -Mike is terrible at trolling -Andrew on speed -Andrew training his dog to play Dark Souls -Some book talk with Inherent Vice -Andrew introduces the crew to drone metal band Sun ●)) -Mike talks comics with Punish

Off Target Mini Episode 03: Frailty

This week Off Target pays tribute to the late great Bill Paxton as Mike does a mini episode on his 2002 directorial debut Frailty. As always please add us on itunes and google play, leave a review and rating as it does help us out greatly! We will be back next week with a full episode. Music in order of appearance: Brothers: Brian Tyler Main Theme: Brian Tyler Fenton: Brian Tyler A Real Country Song: Dale Watson Thurman, 1979: Brian Tyler Peace In The Valley: Johnny Cash Click here for Itunes

Episode 14: Ranking of Fictional Archers Part 2

This week the gang reconvenes our tribunal in order to complete and rank our list of the top 10 fictional archers of all time. The main topic starts at 40 min. Highlights: -Some PS4 talk -To pre-order or not to pre-order? -James hates "We Need To Talk About Kevin" -Andrew is getting a dog! -AHS Hotel -Kong: Skull Island We get very angry at one another in our second section! Ranking Of Archer Promo Music Credit: Epic from

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